Checking In…

Hey, guys! Thanks for stopping by. Here’s a quick update.

Finals week is a bitch, and prepping for it has been a lot of work. I had three papers/projects due last week alone! But this blog has helped me get those things done. You, my readers, have helped me get those things done.

No, really.

Let me explain. Feeling confident in my writing is something I’ve struggled with for a long time – and so much so that it’s crippled me in school over the years. One of my motives for starting this blog was increasing my confidence about writing and publishing something. Apparently, my plan worked. I was able to turn in all three things and feel okay about them, even though I was in a time crunch. Damn, that felt like a monumental accomplishment. Thank you for your support, guys.

As far as what’s coming up, here’s what you can expect. My summer semester begins immediately next week, but that also means exams will be done this Friday! By then, I hope to have a review of The Living God posted. Next week, I want to have a review of Wild Sun posted. Also in my queue are The Phantom Forest, Re-Bisoning the West, and The Rise of Wolf 8. I don’t want to do two non-fiction book reviews in a row, so I’ll probably find something a little less attached to reality to pad the space between. 🙂

Until next time,


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